Friday, November 15, 2013


Rest. I fight it hard. Even during the night time hours when I'm supposed to sleep soundly, I often wake up in the wee hours unable to fall back asleep. My movement disorder tries to get me to stop and relax too, when I'm doing too much, but I often shrug it off and try to push through the spasms, and awkward postures and the pain and pulling sensations. There's always something to be done. But the LORD spoke this word, "rest", to me today. Clear as a bell. Rest is important. What was rest designed for in the first place? Biblically? Time for a word study. My Logos Bible App  tells me that the Hebrew word used in Genesis 2:2 (the first place we see this word) means to cease, stop; to be absent; to come to an end; perish, die; to rest, celebrate (the Sabbath). Exodus 31:17 tells us that on the 7th day the LORD rested and was refreshed. This rest, this refreshment, was even important enough that the LORD made provision for the land to rest (Leviticus 26). So in times of rest I need to stop, be absent from the business of this world, die to myself, and rest in the provision of the LORD and celebrate the fact that He loved me so much that he has already met all of my needs. Resting is not laziness, its appreciation and an act of gratefulness. Imagine if I worked hard to prepare a great meal for my family and they instead of sitting down and enjoying it, came in and made themselves something to eat. Is that not what I do to my LORD when I don't stop and appreciate all that he has done for me? I am blessed. Abundantly. But do I even notice the meal laid out before me, in the business of doing? something? anything? So today, I will sit back and rest and give thanks to my God who loved me so much that He sent His Son, who also loves me, to pay the price of my sinless ways, to pay for the way I act, not even realizing what it is I'm doing. He has placed me in a land overflowing. I have warmth, shade, food, clean water, gadgets galore, a car, fuel, friends, family. I am blessed.  

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