Thursday, November 7, 2013

Express Love First....

I belong to a small group that gets together on Wednesday evenings to study and fellowship. We currently are going through the book of Malachi. In an effort to be consistent in my blogging, I figured today, I would blog some of my gleanings. The one I'll share didn't even come to me, until today while I was going over this past weekend's events, aka "The Melt-down", in my head. I was thinking about how it started. I think its a communication problem. One thing about the hubs and I, currently, is that we have a lot of heartbreak and rubble in our review mirror and it makes communication hard. We fall apart quickly.

If you don't know what the book of Malachi is about, I would encourage you to read it. Its a small book, only 4 chapters long. I will tell you its named after its author who is either a specific person or a title. Most people lean toward the latter, since Malachi means "my messenger". Malachi is sent to confront the Israelites of their sins of insincere worship and corruption. God is VERY upset. At one point He even threatens to rub their faces in manure (Ch 2:3)! But the very first thing conveyed is found in Chapter 1 verse 2, "I have always loved you," says the Lord.
And that got me to thinking....before I have a bone to pick with the hubs, or the kids for that matter, what are the first words out of my mouth? I'm willing to bet that 99.9% of the time its NOT, "I have always loved you." And I doubt my tone implies that thought either, even if its absolutely true....

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